Welcome to the city of Brisbane, on Queensland’s east coast of Australia; sometimes known as the River City because of it long winding snake like river that passes through it’s heart.

Here in Brisbane, the weather is consistently beautiful, coupled with the river provide for an alfresco city, where everyone takes every opportunity to spend outside.

The heart of Brisbane is a tourist’s dream; here, a visitor can use their greatest gift; their feet, to walk or ride and get to see what makes Brisbane tick.

And the best place to do all this is the trendy inner river suburb West End.

Too often easily summed up as “eclectic” or “bohemian”, the true West End, has a long history as home to artists and a workplace of the rag trade; to migrants starting a new life and the hub of a large international Student accommodation population. Add to all this new educational facilities, galleries, theatres, museums, parkland’s, cafes, restaurants all spotted along its river side this ensures visitors feel the invitation to explore.

West Enders can enjoy marching to a different beat at times, but the suburb is about so much more…

  • Culturally diverse with a proud migrant influence, where more than a half of locals were born overseas.
  • High street shopping, largely dominated by small, interesting businesses.
  • Vietnamese bakers & restaurants sitting comfortably, alongside
  • Greek fish and chippery and cafe’s which work, next to
  • Italian delicatessen and coffee shops, next to
  • Indian Electronics and take a way’s, across from
  • Pubs & Clubs, dancing and singing!

All these combine together and position Brisbane’s West End as the perfect place to take advantage of all the good things Brisbane has to offer.

Beyond seeing our great city, Brisbane is a good base to visit both the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast regions being within a 50 kilometre drive of rain forests, beaches, water sports and just about anything your mind can think of! (Well, except snow…)


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